What is the U4-U9 Open Youth League?

The OYL (Open Youth League) is a league for U4-U9 teams in the District 3 in Idaho offered by Real Soccer Club and administered by IFF. Its goal is to provide an affordable place for all clubs and independent teams to play under the latest player developmental guidelines. OYL strives to adhere to the mandates of USSF in regards the new player registration by birth year and the player development initiatives via small sided games features. This league allows also teams to register their players under their affiliate of choice (US Club Soccer, IYSA etc).

One of the main problems the OYL is trying  to solve is that at these age groups (U4-U9), some clubs’ internal leagues do not accept teams outside their own club. Other clubs’ leagues do allow teams from outside their club to enter but they charge a lot of money to enter. Other leagues will be slow in adopting the new USYSA mandates, which the OYL did already in Fall 2015.

For team registration information and important dates, click here.

  • Modified Laws of the Game:

U5 (3v3)

U7 (4v4)

U9 (5v5) (includes goalkeeper)

Currently not offered: U10 (7v7)


FLEXIBILITY: Teams are welcome to participate in any other league they want and still participate in the OYL league too. However, players should not play more than 2 games in one day.

HOME FIELDS: Teams provide their home field and therefore the schedule for their home games. This gives teams lots of flexibility. Teams without a home field, will be accommodated in other clubs’ fields.

REFEREES: The philosophy is that coaches are on the field just to help when it is really needed, for example to call fouls or when the direction of a restart is not clear and players maybe confused. We want players to try to manage the game/rules like in street soccer. This will  empower players and make them more creative and independent.

AFFILIATION: The league is open to all clubs, and independent teams irregardless of affiliation (USYSA or US Club).