Roster Considerations


– This  indoor soccer tournament is open to affiliated competitive and REC teams from US Club Soccer, USYSA, US Youth Futsal, and US Futsal as well as competitive independent teams.
– The Rec Fest portion  of the event (U5-U9), if offered, is open to recreational teams.


The recommended maximum team roster size is 10 players for all teams. Officially, the maximum roster size is 10 players for U9 and below, and 12 players for U10 and above.

Rosters from club teams registering with their club name are limited to 5 guest players (these can be from the same club or from another club). Otherwise (i.e. for non club teams), there are no limits on guest players. Guest players or parents of guest players (if under 18) must have signed an online Liability Waiver Form (and must provide a medical release form and birth certificate to their team’s manager). There is no limit on guest players for recreational teams participating in the REC fest.

Team coaches are recommended to obtain some sort of written agreement (for their own records) from the clubs from which they are using guest players.


Double rostering is not allowed except for PLAY UP players, as long as these rules are followed:

(1).  Player is included in two rosters only (no triple rostering, etc. is allowed). Managers must inform the organization about the double rostered players for proper inclusion in both rosters.
(2).  The two teams have registered in two different age brackets and the player is a play-up in one of the teams (for example the double rostered player is a U11 girl and she will play in a U11 team and in a U12 team).
(3).  Player can only play two games maximum in one given day
(4).  At check-in, the team manager or designated person identifies the player as a double rostered player

Note 1: if two age brackets are combined, double rostering is still allowed as long as the requirements above are met.
Note 2: Failure to meet any of the requirements above will result in forfeits for all games, for the teams where the player has played.
Note 3: No play downs are allowed (low population areas teams may request an exception to this rule)

PLAY-UP players

– For High School teams, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19 players can play in the same team.

– For college brackets, U19, U20, U21, U22 and U23 players can play in the same team.

– Double play-ups are automatically allowed for all other ages.

Note: For 3 or more years play-ups, the team manager must explain the reasons to  the tournament director at or call 208-713-8924 before checking-in their teams. Reasons may include geography, skill level, or filling up the team. Please be ready to explain any other circumstances that will allow us to make a decision. Finally, a parent of the play up player in question who is finally approved to play will still have to fill up a consent form.

– A U14 player intending to play in the HS Varsity Bracket would be considered a 3 years play up and therefore he/she would have to obtain approval through the tournament director.


Note that once a team has been checked in with a tournament official (before the team’s first game) their roster is set and no more players can be added to the roster. 

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