About IISA


The Idaho Indoor Soccer Association (IISA) and the Idaho Youth Indoor Soccer Association (IYISA) are non profit associations founded to serve the indoor soccer game in Idaho. Our main objectives are to:

(1) Promote and develop the competitive side of indoor soccer by organizing affordable, high quality tournaments and leagues

(2) Certify and develop USIndoor referees

IISA was founded in 2008.


President and Executive Director:
Juanjo Carmona
e-mail: kuintela@msn.com
Mobile:  1-208-713-8924

IISA Referee Director:
Edvin Miljkovic
e-mail: edvin@hunterspointidaho.com

US Indoor State Referee Instructors:
Juanjo Carmona
e-mail: kuintela@msn.com

Edvin Miljkovic
e-mail: edvin@hunterspointidaho.com

Tournament Staff:

Chiqui Carmona de Ville

Zachary Bingo

Juanjo Carmona de Ville

Maddy Khamone

Mailing Address

Idaho Indoor Soccer Association (IISA)

PO BOX 44544

Boise, ID 83711


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