Team Check-In Information

IISA Indoor Soccer Championship

We have  reduced paper work considerably for our events!

Check-in Location and Date/Time:

45 minutes before your first game (check schedule for exact Venue). There might be more than one Venue.

Team Documentation:

The following documentation will be required at check-in. Note that a facility player card is not needed.

  • (1) Proof of Birth
    • Club teams  will need one of the following: US Club passes, USYSA affiliates Player Cards (for example IYSA cards),  OR Equivalent USSF State affiliation documentation (for example a US Club roster, or USYSA team roster).  This is used as a proof of birth so birth certificates are not needed.
    • High School Age teams, College Age teams and Competitive Independent Teams (teams not playing under a club team name): Birth Certificate, school ID, passport or equivalent.
    • Recreational Teams (Youth Rec Fest): Birth Certificates or equivalent.
  • (2) Individual Player Online Liability Waiver Form

Waivers are mandatory for players to participate in the tournament. It is appreciated if players 18 years old and older as well as parents of players 17 and younger fill the waiver form online 2 days before the event starts. This allows the organization the time needed for rosters creation. Players added to a team later than this day and time, can still submit a waiver before their first game.

Note: Each team’s tournament rosters is created from the online waiver forms by the tournament staff. Team managers do not have to worry about filling out a tournament roster! So please encourage your players to fill the mandatory waivers earlier rather than later. 🙂


Note 1: Medical Info Forms – Each team should have their players medical releases on hand (not mandatory to turn them in at check-in). Each club is responsible for their own teams’ and players’ well-being.

Note 2 : Insurance – Entry Fees paid do not include insurance for coaches, managers or players’ injuries.


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