Point System & Rules

IISA Indoor Soccer Tournaments



1. 10 points shall be awarded for a win.

2. 5 point shall be awarded for a tie.

3. ZERO points shall be awarded for a loss.

In addition 1 point per goals scored (up to 5) will be awarded to each team.


The following tie breaking procedures will be used to determine league winners or contenders for play-off seeding.

1. Most points.

2. Head to Head.
Note on the application of the “Head to Head” tie breaker for round robin groups or in groups where teams have played each other more than once:
If the teams involved in a tie breaker situation have the same number of points (without bonus), begin the tie breaker sequence below, #3-#6, considering only the games played between the teams that are tied (head to head competition).
If a winner cannot be determined in this way, re-start the sequence #3-#6 considering all games played by the teams in question. Also, if teams involved have not played each other, then go through the sequence #3-#6 considering all games played by the teams in question. Go to tie breaker #7 as the last resource.

3. Goal Difference.

4. Most goals scored.

5. Least goals conceded.

6. Most shutouts.

7. FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” If “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” are required, they will be scheduled shortly after the last game of the group or when time and field availability permits. Coin Toss will be used to break the tie when PKs are not viable because field unavailability.

Please note: Each position, either within a division or between divisions, will be determined separately. For example where 3 teams within a division are tied on game points and all 3 beat each other and the fourth place team during round play then the team with the most bonus points will advance as division winner. If a second team advances from round play out of that division then the tie breaking sequence will begin again and head to head competition between just those two teams will be the second tie breaker. All division winners will automatically advance to elimination round play.


The team receiving a forfeit will be awarded the normal points for a win and a score which is the average of their goals for and against in their other games (minimum of 1-0 victory).
If a team forfeits all of its games, each team in the bracket will receive a score that is the average of their goals scored minus average goals conceded in their other round games (minimum of 1-0 victory).


All “US Indoor Association Official Rules of Indoor Soccer and FIFA Rules apply. In case of uncertainty between the two, the Official Rules of Indoor Soccer will apply.

Note: There are some Tournament Rules published below. These rules apply over any other rules.

– The Official Rules of Indoor Soccer can be found at :


– Also, a hardcopy of the Official Rules of Indoor Soccer Book can be ordered here.

Tournament Rules

There are some  tournament rules below. These may include modifications of the “US Indoor Association Official Rules of Indoor Soccer.

1. After 6 fouls committed by a team, a PK shootout is awarded to the other team. After the 6th foul, PK shootouts are awarded also at the 8th foul, 10th foul, 12th foul and so on. Note a foul that results in an amonestation of any sort (i.e. blue, yellow or red card) counts toward the number of fouls committed.

2. In a bracket where crossover games are scheduled with another bracket, but where games are different for each team, only points from wins (10), ties (5), and losses (0) will be reflected in the standings for those games. That is, no  goals scored, goals received or bonus points will matter for these cross over games.

3. Coed teams playing in any girls’ brackets should have 2 girls on the field (or remove a boy per girl not present) at all times. Boys can only score two goals max each.



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