4v4 Modified Laws


 4v4 RULES SUMMARY (Revised September 4th, 2017)
Together, coaches and parents are expected to create and promote a fun and safe
environment for the players
-4v4  (no goalies);
-Ball Size: 3;
-Field Size: 30 yards X 20 yards (25-35 yards X 15-25 yards);
-Goal Size: 4 feet X 6 feet
-Duration: 10 minutes quarters (Rest between Quarters: 5 minutes; Rest between Halves: 5 minutes). Playing times can be less than 10 minutes at the coaches’ judgement.
-No offsides
-No heading allowed. (This is from the new US Soccer rules as part of the player development initiatives: U12 and younger. shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games).
Other rules:
-FIFA Throw-ins (not kick-ins) (This is per IFF recommendation)
-5 yards wall distance (USSF advises only 10 feet away).

U6, U7 modified laws – LAW BY LAW

Law 1: The field of play

Length of the Field: 25-35 yards
Width of the Field: 15-25 yards

Goals will be 4′ tall by 6′ wide.

No Goalies.

Center line and Center Circle are Optional.

A 3 yards X 10 yards goal area for goal kick restarts is also optional

Law 2: The ball

Size #3 balls will be used.

Law 3: The number of players

Maximum of 4 players and minimum of 2. Unlimited substitutions with unlimited re-entry.
Otherwise per FIFA

Law 4: The players equipment

As per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 5: The referee

Referees are not mandatory at this age. (If any, as per FIFA, no modifications.) Since there is no referee, coaches are expected to manage the game environment using the standards of play and their best judgement.

Law 6: The assistant referee

Assistant referees are not mandatory at this age. If any, as per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 7: The duration of the match

10 minute quarters with 5 minute quarter breaks and 5 minute half time.

Law 8: The start and restart of play

All kicks maybe direct or indirect kicks.

Law 9: The ball in and out of play

As per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 10: The method of scoring

As per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 11: Offside

Not enforced at this age.

Law 12: Fouls and misconduct

No slide tackling is allowed.

If it is determined by the referee that a player INTENTIONALLY headed the ball, this will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team from the spot of the infringement.

Otherwise as per FIFA.

Law 13: Free kicks

Walls will be place 5 yards from the ball. Otherwise, as per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 14: The penalty kick

No penalty kicks at this age.

Law 15: The thrown-in

As per FIFA, no modifications.

Law 16: The goal kick

Goal kicks will be taken from the goal line if a goal area is not present.

Otherwise as per FIFA.

Law 17: The corner kick

As per FIFA, no modifications.