What is the iLeague?

The iLeague (InterClubs League) is a new Youth Soccer League in Idaho sanctioned by US Club Soccer!

We strongly believe that for a League to qualify as such, certain features or characteristics must be present. The iLeague will offer such features and we are very excited about this!


Here is a list of the  the most important Club Series iLeague features:

– Same schedule for all teams (round robin).

– Teams/Clubs decide the game times for their home games (if playing at their home fields).

– No sharing players amongst teams of the same club in the same “Series”. Players will only be allowed to play for the team to which they are rostered or to a team in a higher age division or Series of the same club. In short, there is NO LATERAL SHARING OF PLAYERS between teams in the same series.

An exception to this rule, upon approval of all the clubs, would be when in a given match, both of the clubs competing in that match have two teams in the same division.

– Promotion and Relegation mechanics. (¨A¨ Series, ¨B¨ Series, ¨C¨ Series … as needed)  You are not guaranteed a Series. Teams are placed in a given Series depending on the skill and the number of teams that register and the relegation/promotion from the previous season, if applicable.

– Limit of teams (2) of the same club in the same city which can play in the same Series.

– No a la cart blackouts (Global blackouts may be scheduled for all teams).

– Flexibility with Play-Up players.

– Flexibility with Play-Down players in low population and remote communities.Also, when in a given match, both of the clubs competing in that match have teams in both the division in question and in a lower division, then play downs (limited amount to be determined by the league council) would be allowed if both coaches agree.

– Clubs are protected from defections.

– Club Series and Internal Series Options.

– Trophies given to Club Series’ champions.

– League ran by the local clubs.

Most of these exciting concepts are universal to any true league in the world. However, we believe in Idaho, at the  club soccer level, we were yet to see them. The US Club Soccer iLeague is bringing this model to our State!

In our state, in youth soccer, we believe we had not seen until now the fundamental need of having a true league met. For many years we have seen teams competing in a pseudo-league where arbitrary scrimmages with no real structure and little or no meaning for maximum development were offered. We believe this new competitive environment will be beneficial for all youth players, teams and clubs in our communities (whether playing in the new US Club iLeague, participating on the IYSA Districts’ scrimmages or in any internal league).

i SERIES (Internal Series)

The Internal Series (a.k.a. the iSeries) are the internal leagues of each of the iLeague Clubs and they are often formed by less competitive teams and/or younger age brackets. iLeague clubs with not enough teams to fill a specific age bracket in their Internal Leagues are invited to join other iLeague Clubs Internal Series.

Please check out the current offered iLeague Internal Series.

For full explanation of all these features  please see the Idaho League Soccer  Mission Statement.

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