Mission Statement

Idaho League Soccer (The iLeague)



DRAFT VERSION 0.6 (9/16/2012)

We are pursuing the creation and development of a true league, which provides the elements needed in the player, team and club development process.

To preserve the fundamentals values of the league over time, we are agreeing on a set of values that are non negotiable and that need to be be preserved for generation of soccer players and coaches to come.

(1) We believe a league is a true league when certain characteristics are present. One of our main missions is to ensure these characteristics are preserved. Here are the main ones:

  • 1.1 In a true league, all teams within the same Series play each other

  • 1.2 In a true league, players cannot be shared laterally between teams. When a “club pass” is used to do so, we are not measuring the same teams against the same teams. It also creates a model of soccer that is not intended to allow new clubs and small clubs to grow. When we eliminate the club pass used laterally, a more realistic competitive environment will arise. The club pass, however, could be used for players to play in upper Series, above to where they are rostered (that is they are rostered in a team in the same club but in a lower Series team.)

    • In the District 3 IYSA organization, big clubs take advantage of this rule to stack their teams against smaller clubs. Coaches complain that they see very much the same guest players on all their games against these clubs.

    • Bigger clubs often use the club pass in a manner not initially intended when created: That is to help their weaker teams to compete in upper divisions. This practice promotes monopolization of soccer and it is an impediment for a diversity of clubs to thrive.

    • (Added on May 2015) An exception to this rule, upon approval of all the clubs, would be when in a given match, both of the clubs competing in that match have two teams in the same division. 

  • 1.3 A true league should have promotion and relegation to insure players and teams are as much as possible, playing against appropriate levels of competition.

    • We don’t believe administrators or directors of big clubs should be making the decisions what divisions teams should play in. Competition needs to naturally determine that.

    • Also the registration choice of a team (recreational vs competitive) should not be tied to the Series a team participates in.

  • 1.4 In a true league, the number and age of play up players are mostly unrestricted to allow for a more natural learning and development environment.

    • This flexibility allows younger talented players to compete in upper series and also to help with changes due to illness, injury, vacation, practice attendance and commitment.

    • Also the use of play ups is essential in remote and low population communities to allow soccer to exist. These are things we are being denied currently.

  • 1.5 In a true league, there is no more than one (or two teams) from the same club in a specific series. When we cap the number of teams per club in a given city, a more realistic competitive environment also arises. A major complaint amongst coaches is that they have to play 3, 4 or more teams of the same club in the current league. At the same time, those teams from the same club are not scheduled to play each other. That is not what a league is.

  • 1.6 In a true league, weekly competition combined with weekly practices and appropriate breaks take place. This provide players, teams and clubs with the best opportunity for player development. Also, we believe it is beneficial, less costly, more enjoyable, more family friendly and better for player development to have players, teams and clubs training and competing in this manner.

    • When random multiple blackouts are allowed like in the current league, this concept is erased. It allows teams with staggering sums of money to be spent on food, lodging and travel to go to tournaments. The issue grows exponentially when many teams in the same division use blackouts. The schedule becomes chaotic for others, disrupting the flow of the league, adding multiple games mid week and interfering with practices. It affects many teams and families.

    • We believe there are many opportunities to go to tournaments without disrupting the league.

  • 1.7 In a true league, the top team in each series is recognized and receives a trophee. A league champion and perhaps finalist, should have opportunities to advance to higher regional competitions.

    • A true league shows a team’s performance over a long period of time. Teams put a lot of time and resources, during a soccer year but then they are thrown into a State Cup in a weekend of competition. Two or three games should not measure the efforts of a whole year. We believe a true District or State Champion is more than that.

  • 1.8 In a true league, all teams compete with the same conditions: For example, a team is not scheduled a second official game the same day against a team who has not had a game yet that same day.

  • 1.9 A true league is governed by transparent administrative procedures which allow members to see how policy and exceptions are determined.

(2) We believe our league should offer periodic professional coaching clinics, and other development opportunities to all teams’ member coaches. This will raise the level of play in all of our league teams and support our vision of the development of children as people and players and our vision of the development of solid committed coaches, teams and clubs.

(3) We will strive to attract and develop the highest quality referees

We believe in having official referees in all games starting at age bracket TBD.

We would like our referees to put emphasis on teaching Law 12 to our players

(4) We believe teams should be protected from defections during the current seasonal year.

(5) We believe in supporting the pursuit of a high level activity. We agree with the the NorCal Mission Statement:

We believe the pursuit of a high level activity should be encouraged and soccer is a healthy choice.

We believe the studies revealing the pursuit of high level athletics helps teenagers excel in school, stay fit, avoid drugs and alcohol and builds self esteem.

We believe encouraging a fuller, more intense involvement with the sport actually increases the like-hood a young person will remain in the sport for the rest of their life.

(6) We believe a league, which supports the clubs who believe this concept of player, team and club development is necessary, ethical and missing.

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