IDP Selection Process

IDP Selection Process

Some time before the first IDP session (Identification & Development Program for Elite players)  in a given season, the IDP technical director will request iLeague teams (via their club’s directors) to select the top players of each of their teams. These players will attend the initial sessions. A number of alternates may also be requested.

Eventually, the idea is that iLeague IDP scouts watch league games to fine tune the initial selection process. Also, IDP staff coaches will evaluate the players send by the clubs and recommended by iLeague IDP scouts to the sessions and make decisions about which players are more ready to participate.

The final goal is getting the best players from the league (not a specific set number of player per team.) Asking clubs to initially send a limited number of players per team, it is a question of keeping things manageable; we want to run quality IDP sessions and since we have quite a number of teams, the number of players we can take per team to form an initial pool is limited.

So in short, after the first sessions, there will be opportunities to evaluate alternate players recommended by coaches and evaluate new players our IDP scouts identify in games. At the end, it is the best and most committed players that end up showing up to all practices and performing at a high level, therefore having a great chance to be on the IDP team. This is a very dynamic experience and some players attending the first sessions may not be in the final selection. Selecting the initial pool of players via the head coaches is one way to get the program started at the beginning of the year, which gives us some level of confidence we will get a good amount of quality players right from the start.

Note that sometimes, in the eyes of the IDP staff,  team head coaches may have not selected the best players overall on their teams (maybe the head coaches are looking at physical ability instead of technique and/or other components IDP staff values more) and so that is why the IDP staff will make decisions through out the year and ask for more players to come and/or decide some other players are not ready.

It is not a perfect system but we hope throughout the year we can determine the best and most committed group of kids who want to go the extra mile in their soccer development.

Note: Alternate players do not attend IDP sessions unless for some reason the initially selected players’ family decides at the last minute not to do it (or misses a practice without some sort of emergency or family situation having happened, gets injured, moves etc) then an alternate kicks in. Head coaches may choose not to say anything to the alternate players’ family until the time arrives when they can be given a chance.

Sample Player’s Requirements (From Fall 2012)

-Players will need to commit to attend all 4 sessions (see sample schedule). Please do not send a player who will not be attending all 4 sessions
-Age Groups offered this Fall: U10 (Being born between Aug 1st, 2002, July 31st 2003). Exceptional play ups selected by clubs are welcome.
-Training is free for iLeague players for the 4 Fall 2012 sessions.
-Players in other leagues are welcome to attend as long as they get some sort of recommendation and permission by iLeague to participate. They would be assessed on the first couple of sessions and if accepted into the IDP pool, they would just have to pay $44 for registration (us club ($14) plus iLeague ($30)).
-All players will be responsible for the tournament fee share if their teams enter the Nova Star showcase (Nov 9-11)
-Gear requirements and cost: TBA

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