IDP Overview

Besides the iLeague Coaches Development Program (CDP), the iLeague offers an elite players‘ identification and development program (IDP) where iLeague coaches and nationally licensed staff  identify top players in the iLeague. These players attend clinics conducted by iLeague staff (nationally licensed coaches) who work with these top players.

See a sample IDP Schedule.

Some of these players will be recommended to the US Club “id2“  National Identification and Development Program, which has United States Soccer Federation ODP status.

Selections for id2 programming are made by US Club Soccer scouts and staff, and consider recommendations from top coaches throughout the country.

Note that players not playing in an iLeague team will still be eligible to participate (more information about the requirements for these players will be announced soon).

  • US Club Soccer operates the id2 National Identification and Development Program to provide an opportunity for elite youth soccer players throughout the country to be identified and developed while also being scouted for inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs. The program includes a comprehensive national scouting and recommendation process to identify players, culminating with the top players being invited to attend one of several id2 Program Training Camps across the country.


  • US Club Soccer’s Player Development Programs (PDPs) are regionally-based identification and developmental programs conducted within the id2 Program umbrella and centered around the National Premier Leagues (see below) in specific geographic areas.

Learn more about the USclub Soccer PDP (Player Development Program).


  • The National Premier Leagues (NPL) offer a platform for long-term player development by providing consistent and meaningful games between the region’s top players and also provides opportunities for players to be scouted by U.S. Soccer national staff. Winners of each league within the NPL will qualify for US Club Soccer’s National Premier Leagues Champions Cup.

More information about the National Premier Leagues can be found on the NPL website at

  • The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) also conducts PDPs, which provide an opportunity for the top female players within every ECNL Conference to play with and against the best players within their region at multiple age groups, and to attend presentations from leading coaches or experts in elite athlete development

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